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We're all to blame for the changing climate and CO2 damage. Whether it's having the television on, driving to the shops or flying across the world - these all lead to increased levels of CO2.

If you paid attention in school you'll be well aware that trees have the uncanny ability to absorb this CO2 and provide us with Oxygen once again. So it figures that a growing number of people are planting trees to offset their carbon emissions.

Last year companies and individuals in the UK spent around £4m offsetting carbon their emissions. Even National Grid Wireless, a subsidiary of National Grid Transco, is working with the Woodland Trust to manage their carbon emissions as part of their drive to reduce their environmental impact.

There are a number of services out there which help you become carbon neutral. You pay them and they'll plant a few trees on your behalf.

Some companies opt for fast-growing species of tree - while they suceed in rapidly sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere one type of tree fails to provide the biodiversity that one might hope for.

If you already own a woodland - good work! If not, rather than simply hand money out to companies and you'd like to own your own woodland for leisure and if course the benefit of carbon neutral living then take a look around this site and enjoy.

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