Woodland Paintball GamesWoodlands make great areas for having paintball games - just one of the many uses woodland has. Get a group of friends together and play your own games on your terms! What could be better, just your own equipment and supplies - no need to pay over the top to play your favourite game. Rushing through the woods before diving for cover and listening out for the enemy!

You could set up a temporary yurt or similar for a team base to discuss tactics, have refreshments and boast over your best kills of the day.

What's more, your woodland can make a great investment.

Running paintball games commercially may require a change of use, however there is a stipulation that to require a consent the change of use must be significant. It may be likely that your woodland would fall under this - a change from agriculture/woodland to outdoor recreation may require consent.

Consult your local planning department for further information.

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