Scottish Historic Trees Disappearing


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Environmental campaigners have revealed alarming figures that one in ten of the most historically significant trees in the Lothians has been destroyed in recent years.

A campaign for new measures to protect the remaining 50 important trees such as a sweet chestnut tree planted by Mary Queen of Scots' lover and a pair of 300-year-old beech trees marking the union of parliaments in the UK.

It is hoped that a register of around 300 historic trees in Scotland can be compiled to protect them from both developers and natural hazards.

Officials from the Arbori-cultural Association Scottish Branch and the Woodland Trust have joined forces to lobby politicians to create a Scottish Register of Trees of Special Interest.

Donald Roger of the Arboricultural Association said: "There was a huge sycamore at Cramond that was 280 years old - it was felled by mistake by a developer a few years ago and has only just come to light. It could have easily lasted another 280 years.

"Similarly, the famous Corstorphine Sycamore blew down in 1998 during a terrible storm. It was rotting and just collapsed when the weather was bad. With proper care and treatment, it could have been saved. It was a great landmark in Edinburgh."

He added: "With a lot of these trees, we don't really know what is happening. We need a register to ensure they are protected.

"If a tree is on the register and developers want to do something on the land, a red flashing light will go off and the fact that this tree is of great historic value will be highlighted.

"Similarly, if we know who owns a tree, we can give them proper information on how to protect and preserve it."

Jill Butler of the Woodland Trust added: "The Tree Preservation Order system is inadequate on its own in protecting these trees due to a lack of resources and inflexibility over allocation of priorities. Trees can be lost far too easily if the reaction to threats comes too late.

"Our proposal will see these important trees being actively protected and promoted with minimum bureaucracy to enhance the benefit of Scotland's historic trees to children and visitors."

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