Woodland Burials

Woodland BurialsDeath might be considered a grim subject, people's attitudes are changing with more and more options to make funerals more poignant and individual through woodland burials.

The environmentally conscious are requesting eco-pods and those that love the outdoors are shunning the cemeteries in favour of woodland burials.

Woodland burials are increasingly popular as a growing number of people would like their resting place to be among nature. Traditionally woodland burial sites are marked by a tree and a number, rather than a headstone.

With around 200 sites in the UK, there are a number of considerations when opting for this alternative.

  • What long-term guarantees of the security of the grave are provided?

  • Will the site be maintained?

  • What if the site goes bankrupt?

  • On what ecological principles is the site managed?

But this is WoodlandOwner - if you've your own woodland or know someone who does then you may want to be laid to rest there, so what are the requirements?

Planning permission is not required for non-commercial burial sites, for a limited number of family and friends. You will however need to ensure the legal requirements are met.

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