Woodland Bird Species on the Up


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New figures show populations of several woodland and farmland bird species are on the increase.

The news bodes well for the future with some species that were reported to be in decline now stabilised in numbers.

Tree Sparrows, Whitethroats and Green Woodpeckers are among the species whose numbers are increasing.

Biodiversity Minister Jim Knight said:

"I am greatly encouraged by this new data which shows that many of our much loved species are stable or on the increase although we acknowledge that not all the news is positive.”

"We will continue to investigate the reasons for decline in certain species in order to take action to stabilise numbers in a hope that they will increase in the future.”

"Our wild birds are a much loved part of our culture. The membership of wildlife conservation organisations is up, so too are visitor numbers to nature reserves - reflecting the ever growing enthusiasm shown by people for our wild places and biodiversity. The many volunteers who contributed their time and energy in collecting data for these indicators are a perfect example of this enthusiasm,” added the Minister.


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